Capsule Beds

4 sq meters per capsule, 8 Capsules beds per room separated male and female total 16 capsules.

Comfortable, secure and pleasure of guest is a Lazy Sunday Hostel motto. Forgot the ordinary capsule or hostel bed and try Lazy Sunday capsule bed. Capsules bed has the advantage than normal hostel bed is a privacy, the reason that Lazy Sunday choose capsule bed to our accommodation, adding more privacy with curtain outside each capsule. Eliminated the uncomfortable, our capsule bed is bigger, about 4 sq meters which can serve two adults in one capsule will guarantee the comfortable to our guests. Other thing is baggage secure so Lazy Sunday decided to put the locker to the capsule using keycard to mange both locker and power in each capsule.

Room Amenities

Lazy Sunday
  • Shared Refrigerator
  • Towel
  • Shared Bathroom
  • Sandal